Best Partners

We met many people in 20 years of experiences, collaborations and consultancy. Their competence, their passion and often also their human sensitivity have been a precious opportunity for our growth.

In particular we’d like to mention illustrious Architectural Designers, such as Lamberto Rossi (Auditorium in Fusignano, Città della musica in Cremona, Accademia Stauffer in Cremona, Sacro Cuore University in Cremona and Gualdo-Tadino Hospital, based on Renzo Piano’s design), Giancarlo De Carlo (University Campus in Forlì), Gae Aulenti (Santa Sofia Theatre), Mario Botta (Mendrisio federal sports center), Michele De Lucchi (Eataly in Forlì), Ottavio De Blasi & Parthners (University Campus in Novara), Alessandro Traldi (University Housing in Sassari), Giancarlo Basile (Cinema Modernissimo in Bologna), SGlab (Rocchetta Mattei, IRST Meldola and private Housing in Bologna), Alessandro Contavalli (Kindergarten in Ponticelli-Imola, Vassura-Baroncini Music School in Imola), Picco Architetti (Porta Serrata Housing in Ravenna).

All these activities have been enriched by my musical education, following M° Mauro Minguzzi, M° Alfredo Speranza and M° Piernarciso Masi. During professional acoustic activity I had the opportunity to meet illustrious Musicians (M ° Salvatore Accardo, M° Bruno Giuranna, M ° Javer Menezes, M° Franco Petracchi, Quartetto di Cremona at Accademia Stauffer in Cremona, M° Franco Scala at Piano, Academy “Incontri col Maestro” in Imola): they helped me in developing acoustic projects. Other famouse Musicians simply gave me suggestions or judgment about the spaces I designed (M ° Romano Valentini – Accademia Bizantina in Ravenna, M° Daniele Gatti, M ° Riccardo Muti, M° Martin Scorsese).

Thanks to all!