Alessandro Placci Acustica

Since 2001 we have been supporting designers from conception, development and implementation. Thus the acoustic quality of a space becomes the quality of the project.
“Precisely know that architecture and music are sisters, since both are proportionate by time and
from space. The instrument that structures this spell is the proportion to which feelings are very closely linked
that, at the extreme of their possibilities, approach metaphysics, the language of the gods.”

Entretiens avec les étudiants des écoles d’architecture – Le Corbusier, 1943


APA is an engineering firm particularly specialized in the design of spaces dedicated to listening: theaters, auditoriums, conference rooms, cinemas, multipurpose rooms, recording rooms, music rehearsal rooms, educational spaces, residences, business and multifunctional centers. Over 30 years of experience, first as musicians and then as acoustic designers, now by your side.

The acoustic design of these spaces becomes an opportunity for excellence and can give shape and substance to architecture, as evidenced by the great contemporary Masters.

The purity of cinemati’s audio and the clarity of sound are essential for theaters that know how to excite the public.

In a classroom, from childhood to university, the intelligibility of words is an essential performance and can determine the ability to learn.

Acoustic confort bring to Environmental wellbeing in living and working spaces: the experience of over 5000 tests on site is a guarantee of results.